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Links to people I work with and recommend

Jane Edwards Usui Reiki and Sabda Reiki

Jane Edwards is a Usui Reiki Master who lives in Cornwall and runs her own successful business teaching Usui Reiki. Jane also teaches her own unique Sabda Reiki using Reiki Tuning Forks and Chime Pipes. The reiki frequencies of Cho Ku Rei, Sei Hei Kei, Honshazeshonen and Dai Ko Myo blend beautifully with the conventional reiki techniques and thoroughly enhance the whole healing experience. Jane facilitates meditation and development groups and also hosts a Reiki share every month at her home near Callington.

Jane can be contacted on 01579 351167 or via email: Website:

Purple Slate Studio

David Lerew is a painter and photographer. His artwork and photographs are stunning. His pictures make great gifts. David is available to do commissions.

David can be contacted on 07946164789. Email: Website:

Facebook: Purple Slate Studio

Crystal Dreams

Bee Bee is the owner of Crystal Dreams based in Polperro. I buy my crystals from Bee and am always extremely pleased with the quality and beauty of them. Bee absolutely loves crystals and has a beautiful and unique connection with each one she chooses. If, having purchased a crystal you decide you no longer want it, Bee will ensure that it is re-homed for you. The vibration and colour of the crystals are always of the highest standard.

Bee can be contacted on 01503 272359 or on Facebook: Crystal Dreams. Website:

The Crystal Butterfly

Helen Appleton is the owner of The Crystal Butterfly. Helen is a gifted medium and spiritual teacher. She hosts wonderful workshops, daily readings and healings. Helen is an experienced professional and a warm welcome awaits you. Helen works with Angels and Rahanni Healing. This beautiful heart centred healing modality is both practiced and taught by Helen. I was extremely honoured to be attuned to this wonderful healing energy and am now busy using it in my every day practice. If you are interested in spiritual development then the Crystal Butterfly offers a safe place for you to grow and learn.

Helen can be contacted on 07949459470. Email: - Website: The Crystal Butterfly

Yoga Loveliness

Julia Antenbring is the owner of Yoga Loveliness. Julia provides Yoga Nidra and Kundalini Yoga classes and workshops in Devon. She is also available for 1 to 1 sessions. Julia incorporates sound healing into her yoga classes.

Julia can be contacted on 07926 351 299. Email: - Website:

Rainbow's End Therapies

Dawn Hall is the owner of Rainbow's End Therapies. Dawn offers a number of holistic therapies including reflexology, reiki and massage. Dawn also sells her unique chakra oils, essences and organite. Dawn is a gifted artist. I have experienced a reflexology treatment with Dawn and it was really wonderful. Dawn is based in Newton Abbot, Devon and runs a stall in the market.

Dawn can be contacted on 01626 208657 or 07849120028. Email: - Website: Facebook: Rainbows End Therapies

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