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Covid 19 Experience

Well 2020 has not quite turned into the year any of us were expecting!   Covid 19 has changed that for all of us.  What an interesting, transformational time to be experiencing in the world today.  I am currently at home recovering from CV19.  It has been quite a challenge but I am pleased to say that I am coming through the other side.  My symptoms developed on 1st April (sadly not an April Fool)!   I had a couple of days of being really unwell and then felt better.  After two days I relapsed quite badly and then spent five days in bed with the worst flu type symptoms.  Every part of me hurt.  I have never experienced anything like it.  I again started to feel better and was getting my strength back.   I did some hoovering and suddenly I couldn't breathe.  It was the most scary experience.   From there I had a further three day relapse where my breathing was compromised.   I was assessed by the local Covid Healthcare Hub via video call.   Their support and care was absolutely brilliant.   I was so lucky that my symptoms did not progress and with a lot of rest I am once again starting to feel better.   I am on day 28 today since my first symptoms started.   I did wonder whether I am allergic to hoovering  Time will tell!

Those who know me will know that being unwell is not something I am good at.   I am not a patient patient!   It has been a time of stillness, convalesence and complete rest.   I have found it challenging.  In that challenge I have looked at my reactions and have had some real aha moments.  I am fortunate to have Mindfulness, Reiki and Sound Therapy in my tool box to use to keep my health optimised.  I have also had the amazing support of family and friends and feel very blessed for this.  

Isolation is a peculiar experience for many of us as we rely heavily on human touch and interaction.  For all those living alone, I truly hope lock down is over soon so that you can once again be free to socialise.   One positive side that has been reported from this horrible virus is the healing effect it has had on our planet.  Air quality, ozone layer healing, rivers and oceans clean.   On the negative side, many people have died and there is much sadness and grief.   One thing is for certain, we will all need to be kinder, nurturing and understanding.  There will be many people who will need help and support without judgement.   

To anyone struggling today please know that this will pass.   It may pass like a kidney stone but it will pass.  

There are many people who are having to re-arrange their plans that had been made for this year.  My eldest daughter was due to get married in July.  Two years of planning has had to be re-evaluated and a new date has now been set for later in the year.  We are so looking forward to the celebration.  Stay safe everyone, look after each other and know that brighter days are coming.

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