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Mindfulness is choosing to notice the details of our experiences, just as they are in this moment and without judging or trying to change them in the first instance. Sometimes mindfulness is described as seeing clearly or observing.

Mindfulness offers a way of understanding both the joy and the difficulty of being human. As we live our lives in this body/mind that has been shaped by our experiences, mindfulness allows us to respond skillfully to habitual tendencies and to live our lives more fully and with greater ease and acceptance.

Mindfulness lets us choose where to focus our attention, opening ourselves to the details of our experience. By practicing Mindfulness it allows us to see our internal and external environments clearly.

Mindfulness invites us to turn toward our experiences because our attempts to change, fix or run away from them have not worked and our anxiety or stress is still here. Learning Mindfulness increases our ability to experience and express empathy. It enhances our ability to be kind, compassionate and gentle on ourselves and others.

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